Grasslands in Worcestershire

Protecting wildlife in Worcestershire

Grasslands in Worcestershire

Common spotted orchids at The Knapp and Papermill by Paul Lane

Worcestershire has almost one fifth of England's remaining flower-rich meadows and pastures.

However, approximately 97% of species-rich lowland meadows across England have been lost since the 1940s due to agricultural intensification and development.  Worcestershire is an incredibly important county for those that remain and not only does the Trust own and manage more than 30 meadows, we also work with landowners across the county to help ensure the survival of these precious places.

Our nature reserves include some of the best examples in the UK of traditionally managed lowland hay-meadows.  These include The Knapp and Papermill and the Penorchard complex which, at 14 hectares, ranks among the larger continuous tracts of unimproved meadow in the county.  In 2018 we bought 20 hectares of internationally important floodplain meadows in the southwest corner of the county; discover more about Hardwick Green Meadows and our project to restore this beautiful habitat.

Grassland restoration and management

Old traditional grasslands and ridge & furrow meadows are still under considerable threat from agricultural improvement by use of chemical fertilisers and over-intensive grazing as well as through unfortunate side effects of intensive horse keeping.

We are working closely with partners, including Natural England, and individual landowners to influence land-management through agri-environmental schemes and local projects and initiatives.

The overall aim is to foster a balanced pattern of traditional low-intensity pastoral land-use within a modern economically-flourishing countryside.

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Wildflowers at Piddle Brook Meadows by Wendy Carter

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Wildflowers at Merries Farm Meadows by Wendy Carter