What we do

What we do

Bluebells at The Knapp and Papermill © Paul Lane

What we do

We protect amazing wildlife

Together with our members and volunteers, we work to protect wildlife across Worcestershire, both on our 80 nature reserves and through our work with others.

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We manage natural landscapes

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust manages almost 3,000 acres of land for wildlife, around 0.5% of the land in Worcestershire. We also work with others to encourage and help them to manage their land, from gardens to farms and community green spaces, for wildlife.

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We teach people about the wonders of nature

We teach people of all ages to care for wildlife, through our work with schools and young people, our family events and our wildlife courses for adults.

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We stand up for wildlife in Worcestershire

We campaign to raise awareness about issues affecting wildlife locally and nationally.  We work locally to ensure wildlife is protected - through our planning work, for example.

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We advise others

We provide ecological consultancy services to local authorities, businesses and individuals.

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Support us

We couldn't work to protect and conserve Worcestershire's fantastic wildlife and wild places without your help. Please support us by becoming a member, volunteering with us or making a donation.