Key Stage 2

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Key Stage 2

We have developed an exciting range of programmes linked to the new curriculum. All are designed to inspire learning about wildlife, food and habitats through a mixture of enquiry-led learning, games and observation.

Our Key Stage 2 programmes are mainly based at Lower Smite Farm or The Knapp and Papermill nature reserve. At Lower Smite we have three large indoor classrooms and a variety of wildlife habitats including woodland, meadows and ponds.

We also run a River Study day at The Knapp and Papermill. This is a SSSI nature reserve with a small indoor classroom, a wide variety of habitats and the Leigh Brook.

To book a visit email or call 01905 754919.

If you have specific needs, please give us a call to discuss how we can tailormake a programme for your class.

This was a lovely day, which both myself and the children enjoyed. The children learnt so much without realising it because they were having so much fun!!
Blakedown CE Primary

Our Key Stage 2 programmes

Rocks & Soils Investigation Unit

Meet Lithic Liz, a geologist on top secret missions who needs your class' help!

  • Find and classify a set of rocks that are being hunted down by robbers!
  • Discover about the different types of rocks and make your own using sweets.
  • Investigate how soil is made and dig down into the earth using soil augurs to find out what soil we have on the farm.

Lower Smite Farm, all year round. This is also available as a virtual trip for schools that aren't able to visit us and/or until we can return to school trips. If you're interested in running this in your own classroom, get in touch with Marissa, our Education Officer. 

KS2 Science: Working Scientifically, Rocks & Soils

Habitat Havens

Explore the amazing habitats around Lower Smite Farm, including our woodland, meadow and ponds. Find out what lives where and why.

  • Investigate a freshwater habitat by pond dipping. Pupils predict, collect, observe, describe and identify a range of freshwater animals using charts and keys
  • Investigate a woodland and meadow habitat to find out what is living there and why
  • Add in a focus on food chains and classification, playing the Classification Challenge!
  • Look at the minibeasts you have found under our big screen microscope!

Lower Smite Farm, March - September

KS2 Science: Working Scientifically, All Living Things, Animals including Humans, Living Things & Their Habitats 

Fabulous Food

A day investigating how our food grows.  Explore what plants require in order to survive and how the different parts of the plant help them to do so.  Make a rhubarb crumble for the class to taste.

  • Discover how healthy soil is an important requirement of plants for life and growth. Find out which of our veggie beds has the healthiest soil by testing soil strucutre, plant height and worm charming!
  • Work as a team in our kitchen to make a rhubarb crumble to taste using ingredients from our veggie garden.
  • Find out all about pollination by dissecting a flower and playing our pollination game. 

Lower Smite Farm, April - September

YR3 Plants, Design and Technology 

Water and Rivers

Explore the shallow and accessible Leigh Brook and learn all about the water cycle, fieldwork and rivers in a fun, practical way.

  • Get into the river to measure the channel and the speed of the water to find out more about erosion and deposition
  • Observe and learn about different river features on our river walk.
  • Investigate how clean the water is in the Leigh Brook. Undertake stream dipping to find out what freshwater insects live in the Leigh Brook and find out what that tells us about the water quality. 

The Knapp & Papermill, late February- October

KS2 Geography: Geographical Skills & Fieldwork, Living things and their habitats

Amazing trip! Would highly recommend!
Year3 teacher
Pitmaston Primary School