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About us

Trench Wood by Wendy Carter

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is the county’s leading local charity working towards a county rich in wildlife. 

With the support of our volunteers and members we manage almost 3,000 acres of land for wildlife and people across Worcestershire. We also work with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county.  We also work with and inspire local communities and young people to care for wildlife where they live.  Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK.

Find out more in our Development Strategy 2017-2022.

Our vision

People closer to nature with land and seas rich in wildlife.

Our mission

To bring about living landscapes, living seas and a society where nature matters.

Saving wild places, managing land & engaging people

Our work to save wild places, manage land for wildlife and engage people with the natural world is vitally important. For over 50 years, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust has demonstrated clearly what can be achieved whether directly or by influencing the actions of others.


  • Inspire people to connect with wildlife, wild places and the natural world
  • Empower people to champion wildlife, wild places and the natural world
  • Enable people to act for wildlife, wild places and the natural world
  • Demonstrate the value of wildlife, wild places, and the natural world

Our history

The Worcestershire Nature Conservation Trust (WNCT), the former name for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, was created on 28th March 1968 as a separate charity rather than a branch of the West Midlands Nature Conservation Trust for the first time.  The latter was created in 1958 to cover the counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the Birmingham conurbation.  The Trust began to establish nature reserves; these now number more than 75 thanks to wonderful support from members, gifts left in Wills and generous donations. In 1990 the Trust moved to our current headquarters, Lower Smite Farm where we use our fantastic facilities to expand our education visits to schools.

Read more about our history through the acquisition of our nature reserves in our magazine article 50 years - 100 patches by our Head of Conservation, Helen Woodman, or listen to our history as told by our Volunteers' Voices.

How we are run

A group of elected Trustees oversee the governance and strategic leadership of the Trust.  Our Trustees are members of the Trust and give their experience and expertise for free.

Read more about how we are run.

How we are funded

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust is a charity and, as such, we rely on the support of our membership subscriptions, donations, gifts in Wills, trading income and grants to allow us to carry out our work caring for wildlife across Worcestershire.

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Volunteers at The Devil's Spittleful by Wendy Carter

Long-tailed tit by Mark Roberts