Foundation & Key Stage 1

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Foundation & Key Stage 1

We have developed an exciting range of programmes linked to the new curriculum. All of our programmes are designed to inspire learning about wildlife, food and habitats through a mixture of enquiry-led learning, sensory activities and storytelling.

Our programmes aim to support the Early Years goals and KS1 Science curriculum. The days are based at Lower Smite Farm where we have three large indoor classrooms and lots of wildlife habitats to explore including meadows, woodland, ponds and our vegetable garden.

To book a visit, please email or call 01905 754919

If you have specific needs, please give us a call to discuss how we can tailormake a programme for your class.

A great day covering senses and autumn. Children were fully engaged and loved it all.
Crowle First School

Our Foundation & KS1 programmes

Autumn Adventures

A fun and interactive day exploring seasonal change on the farm

  • Explore the farm following the story of the 'Very Helpful Hedgehog' by Rosie Wellesley
  • In groups undertake simple tests to discover different ways that plants are spreading their seeds
  • Meet a tree and find out what happens to them in autumn. Make a hedgehog from autumn leaves to take back to school
  • Work as a team to harvest some apples or blackberries to taste at lunchtime
  • Find out how hedgehogs are getting ready for their winter sleep by playing our hibernation game. Build a mini den for a hedgehog to end the day.

Full or half day, Sep - Nov

EYFS goals
KS1 Science: Working Scientifically, Living Things & T
heir Habitats, Seasonal Changes

Winter Wonder

Winter Wonder is focussed on storytelling and discovering all about winter and its wildlife. Delve into the humorous story 'Footrprints in the Snow' by Mei Matsuoka. Mr Nice Wolf is looking to make some animal friends. Can we help him find some in your school grounds? 

During the session your class will:

  • Read 'Footprints in the Snow' story altogether
  • Discover wildlife tracks and signs from our farm, on a trail, through your school grounds. 
  • Collect and describe parts of plants to make into ice decorations.

This session can be delivered at our farm as a full day or half day session. School trip charges apply - £5 per pupil for a full day and £3.50 per pupil for a half day.

Alternatively we can deliver a two hour session in your school grounds, Nov - Feb, £100 for a standard sized class, £50 for each additional class on the same day.

EYFS goals
KS1 Science: Living Things & Their Habitats, Seasonal Change,
Animals including Humans 

Marvellous Minibeasts

Come nose to nose with a variety of minibeasts living in different habitats.

  • Play interactive games and discover the basic needs for survival
  • Explore our ponds and woodland. Collect and identify minibeasts using  simple equipment
  • Investigate how minibeasts are suited to the habitat they live in.
  • Discover and build foodchains
  • Create a minibeast in the woodland using natural materials

Full day March - September

EYFS goals
KS1 Science: Working Scientifically, Living Things & Their Habitats, 
Animals including Humans

The Little Red Hen

Investigate how our food grows and where other amazing plants can be found at Lower Smite Farm.

  • Join in the story of The Little Red Hen
  • Carry out simple experiments in the wildlife garden to find a good place to plant a wheat seed.
  • Have a go at grinding some wheat to make flour
  • Make bread rolls to take home to taste
  • Go on a farm walk - visit the wheat field and create a colourful Little Red Hen using natural materials. We will look for plants that are similar and different to wheat to add to our hen. 

Full day, March - September

EYFS goals
KS1 Science: Working Scientifically, Plants

Out on the farm

A day exploring the farm using all of our senses.

  • Use simple clues to find and collect seasonal natural objects in a treasure box and then describe what has been found.
  • Make a colour rainbow collecting different natural materials from the wildlife garden.
  • Taste seasonal fruits from the vegetable garden (summer and autumn only)
  • Go on a senses trail around the farm. What sounds will we hear? What animals will we see? What plants grow on the farm? Record the walk on a journey stick.
  • Finish in the trail in our woodland and a meet a tree before it’s time to head home.

EYS only. Full day March - September.

EYFS goals

We had a fantastic, most enjoyable day and our topic was reinforced. Thank you.
Year 1 teacher
Astley Primary