Doorstep Wildlife


Doorstep Wildlife

Blackbird by Wendy Carter

Looking after yourself and nature

Maintaining a connection with the natural world during the coronavirus outbreak is more important than ever.

We know that people who spend time in nature are happier and healthier. 

It's really important to stay active and exercise where you can. Just a bit of time every day spent in nature can help relieve stress and improve wellbeing; this can be as simple as taking notice of the flowers springing to life on your daily walk or listening to the birdsong from your window.

We'll be updating these pages with lots of activities, tips and ideas on how you can remain connected to nature even when you're stuck at home.  Follow the links above or the boxes below to discover more ways to connect to nature as well as family-friendly activities to get everyone involved.

Helping wildlife here in Worcestershire

Thank to you everyone who has joined us this month - every member makes a difference for wildlife in Worcestershire. If you have been inspired to enjoy the wildlife on your doorstep, please consider joining Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Support from our members has meant that we can carry on protecting wildlife in Worcestershire and helping people appreciate how nature benefits us all.

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