How we're run

Early bumblebee by Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

Early bumblebee by Jon Hawkins Surrey Hills Photography

About us

How we're run

Our Trustees are a group of volunteers who hold the financial and legal responsibility for everything the Trust does.

They bring a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience to the charity and are responsible for approving our strategic plans, annual budget and Annual Report & Accounts. 

Trustees are appointed from our membership base at the Annual General Meeting of the Trust each October. 

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If you are interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact Colin Raven, Director of the Trust.  Trustees are elected at our Annual General Meeting, held each October.

Elections to Trust Council

Elections to the Trust’s governing body will take place at the AGM on Wednesday 11th October 2023. Nominations must be made on the nomination form, obtainable from the Secretary or Director at the Trust Office, by no later than Friday 9th June 2023. Nominations will require six proposers who are members of the Trust. Details of members standing for election or re-election will be circulated to all Trust members with the summer issue of Worcestershire Wildlife.

Our mission

To lead nature’s recovery through community action.

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