From 30 Days Wild to 365 Days Wild

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From 30 Days Wild to 365 Days Wild

Autumn leaf by Tom Marshall

Continue your wild adventure!

We hope that you had a fantastic time during 30 Days Wild throughout June. 30 Days Wild may be over but hopefully you've been inspired to get outdoors as much as you can and to stay 365 Days Wild. There's so much to see all year round and a little bit of nature every day really does make you feel happier and healthier. 

All our 30 Days Wild materials are available to download if you're like some more inspiration.

Random Acts of Wildness help you to bring a little nature into your life each and every day. They can take a few seconds, a few minutes or you may lose yourself completely for a few hours!

You can sign up for 2020's 30 Days Wild in April.