Sustainable food production: what we need and what we can do

Crop on left-side with wide flower-rich margin on right-side by Duncan Westbury

Sustainable food production: what we need and what we can do

Discover more about how we can all help to make food production more sustainable.

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7:00pm - 8:00pm

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With a continued increase in global population predicted for at least the next 80 years there is a clear need to increase food production. This can only be achieved through innovation in agricultural practices and the more efficient use of land. However, to meet demands, more land is also expected to be converted for agricultural production. 

Most intensively managed agricultural landscapes do not fully support ecosystem services (clean water, clean air, reducing flooding, soil erosion etc) that can underpin agricultural production. To increase yields, food production is therefore highly reliant on chemical inputs in the form of plant-protection products and fertilisers. As a consequence, these synthetic inputs continue to override the importance of many ecosystem services in the farmed environment.

University of Worcester's Dr Duncan Westbury has a background in plant ecology and habitat creation to deliver ecosystem services with a focus on pest regulation and pollination. As well as looking as sustainable intensification attempts to address the issues associated with food production by developing approaches that minimise environmental impacts, Duncan will also relate this to what individuals can do in their own outdoor spaces (gardens and community spaces) to boost the delivery of ecosystem services.

Our Droitwich Local Group will host this talk, which will last for approximately an hour with plenty of time for Q&As afterwards.

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