Churchill Brook Restoration - A Natural Networks Case Study

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Churchill Brook, Redditch - A Natural Networks Case Study

Churchill Brook restoration CREDIT Jasmine Walters

One of our first projects, the restoration of a stretch of the Churchill Brook in Redditch is a fantastic example of Natural Networks helping to deliver great biodiversity enhancement in combination with other public benefits.

In this case, the North Worcestershire Water Management Team were developing a scheme designed to reduce the risk of flooding further down the brook. We were able to provide advice and money to help them deliver additional benefits for wildlife in what was already a really positive scheme. Overall the project delivered improvements to 1.3 hectares of habitat and included:

  • A new meandering brook channel along with several new ponds and a backwater. These new and improved habitats will provide a home for wetland species such as dragonflies, fish and water plants. Extra space for wildlife will be offered among gently sloping banks, underwater shelves and sheltered pools.
  • A new bund, which along with the existing grassland was enhanced by sowing and plug planting with native wildflowers, sedges and grasses. The addition of these plants will give a boost to pollinating insects.
  • Enhancement of the wetland habitat network in the surrounding landscape. The new habitats at Churchill Brook will add to existing wetlands at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust’s nearby Ipsley Alders Marsh Nature Reserve and the Arrow Valley Country Park.

The work on site attracted a lot of positive comments from nearby residents are we were pleased to be able to host a planting day that attracted approximately 15 local volunteers and several councillors. The site now provides both flood mitigation and wildlife conservation benefits in an area that is easily visible from the adjacent public footpath.

In the video below Joe Baker from North Worcestershire Water Management talks us through the project.

Video by James McDonald, Clear Picture Productions Ltd