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Team Wilder

Group of people by Penny Dixie

Bringing about change for nature. Together.

Nature needs more of us than ever before to come together to take action in a meaningful way. Evidence suggests that if one in four people took visible action for nature it would create a 'tipping point' - that magic moment where individual actions prompt the masses to do the same. 

Imagine if one person in every four people in Worcestershire took action. We would create a network of communities, organisations, streets, local groups, education providers and businesses who were all supporting nature in ways that mean something to them, to their community and to the wildlife around us.

Everyone can do something for nature, either individually or as part of a group. If you’re already supporting nature in some way then, fantastic, you’re already on the team and have just been promoted to star players who we can support to do even more - look out for our countywide launch in 2022 when you can sign up and be a part of the movement for change.

Together we are #Teamwilder

What is #TeamWilder

Want to know more? Watch our short video to find out why joining #TeamWilder can make a real difference...

More people on nature's side
More space for nature to thrive