Pledge a Patch for wildlife

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

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Residents across Worcestershire are being invited to pledge their patch in order to turn the county wild.

The county’s largest nature conservation charity, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, is asking everyone to Pledge a Patch for wildlife. The ask comes as the charity celebrate their 50th year of managing nature reserves and working with people to help wildlife.

Ivy's patchSadie Carr Simons, organiser of Pledge a Patch, explained “Our 75+ nature reserves across Worcestershire are stepping stones in the landscape and we’re asking people to help to join the dots so that wildlife can move through our county.

“Most of us have got a patch that we can pledge to help wildlife – whether it’s filling a window box with nectar and pollen rich plants, screwing a bug box to the wall of our house or leaving a 1m by 1m square of our lawn longer to leave the daisies for the bees.

“Perhaps you’re a school that could put up nest boxes for birds or maybe your business has a bit of land that could be planted up as a pollinator patch?

“Wherever you live in Worcestershire, we’d like your help in turning our county wild for wildlife.”

Pledge a Patch officially launched at Tiddesley Wood Open Day, the Trust’s largest annual event, on Sunday 6th May and the team have already signed up more than 80 pledges.

Plot your patch

Patches that have already been pledged can be seen on a map on the Trust’s website

The Trust’s nature reserves, Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Local Wildlife Sites together make up less than 9% of Worcestershire’s land; wildlife needs more space and connectivity in order to survive.

Sadie continued “By dedicating an area of your garden, school, community or work place just for wildlife, you can really make a difference.

“Even if you don’t own a garden, perhaps you could bring your neighbours together and create a space in your community – turning an unused patch of land into a butterfly haven or clearing out a filled-up pond to create a froggy paradise?

“Why not offer to manage a local verge – don’t mow it so often and sow wildflower seeds along it?”

The Trust has plenty of ideas on how people can Pledge a Patch for wildlife on their website along with spotter sheets of wildlife likely to be seen in gardens and community spaces.

Find out more on our Pledge a Patch webpage with plenty of ideas on how you can help wildlife on your patch, what other people are doing and how to pledge your patch.

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