Male (blue) broad-bodied chaser perching on a thin stem by Gail Hampshire

Broad-bodied chaser by Gail Hampshire

A beginner's guide to dragonflies

Location: Online, In your home
An interactive and informative online event for anyone wanting to learn more about the wildlife on your doorstep!

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6:30pm - 7:30pm
A static map of A beginner's guide to dragonflies

About the event

No summer outing would be complete without hearing the tell-tale sound of a patrolling dragonfly as it hunts over a nearby pond. These eye catching insects can often be spotted in our gardens and local greenspaces feeding on flies, midges and even each other. How many can you recognise and can you tell your dragons from your damsels?

Join us for an online event where local expert Mike Averill will tell us all about dragonflies as well as help you to identify some of the most common species found in the gardens, ponds and waterways of Worcestershire. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion about how you can help them where you live too.

This event is part of our series of beginners events for adults and aims to help you become more aware of the wildlife around you and what you can do to help it.  All welcome, no previous knowledge or experience necessary.

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