Garden birds & butterflies survey

In many cases bird and butterfly populations are following a downward trend. Between 2004 and 2014, with help from a number of Droitwich residents, we compiled our own records to enable local trends to be established and analysed.

We’d love you to take part in this Droitwich survey. It’s not too onerous a task. We ask that you record, on a monthly basis, species observed in your garden and garden surrounds (results are aggregated by postcode rather than by garden so ‘surrounds’ can include neighbouring gardens or patches of ground). We need to know the frequency of the sightings and ask that you return your forms at the end of each spring/summer period.

We hope that your participation will give you an incentive to improve your own identification skills and knowledge of the birds and butterflies you see in your garden; and enhance your enjoyment of them!

You can join in our survey by downloading our blank recording forms below.  While you're there, you can see what birds and butterflies have already been recorded in our area.



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Bird & butterfly survey blank form.pdf835.71 KB
Birds & butterflies Summary 2013.pdf29.41 KB
Birds & butterflies summary winter 2013-14.pdf23.25 KB
Trends 2006-13 by month.pdf67.32 KB
Trends 2006-13 by year.pdf62.49 KB