Photography Competition

Nuthatch (c) John CaswellNuthatch (c) John Caswell

Enter now for a chance to win in our annual photo competition!

Small pearl-bordered fritillaries (c) David OliverWe say it every year but we really do mean it - judging our popular competition gets harder and harder.  We're constantly impressed with some of the wildlife that you see and the photos that you take.

The whole team at Lower Smite Farm gets involved with the judging and we're delighted to be joined again by semi-professional photographers, and previous winners, Jason Curtis and Pete Walkden to help us with the hardest of decisions.

You don't need the best kit in the world but a dab of patience and a spot of luck will probably come in handy!


Eades Meadow (c) Ruth BourneThere can only be 12 winners and each of these wins a full page A4 position in our calendar as well as a copy of the calendar.  This year's lucky overall winner will not only see their photo on the front cover but will also receive a 16 x 24 inch print of their image kindly donated by London Camera Exchange in Worcester.

Each month is also supplemented by photos from our runner's-up.

You can see previous photos by winners and runner's-up on our Flickrstream.

Winners are announced in June/July through our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  Winners will also be announced in our membership magazine.

Enter now

Entry to this year's competition is now open.  Please download the competition entry form and start choosing your entries.

When done, submit your entry form and CD to:

Photography Competition - Worcestershire Wildlife Trust
Lower Smite Farm
Smite Hill

Competition deadline is Monday 9th April 2018.

Don’t forget...

Hedgehog (c) Roger KingIf you're out taking photos don't forget...

...the welfare of the subject is top priority. Don’t stress a subject just for a photo; the wildlife is more important than the image.

...make sure you stay on paths or within designated areas.