Photography Competition

Judging and voting has taken place and 12 winners have been chosen.

Thank you everyone for voting for our front cover.  The winner, with 50.63% of the votes is the blue tit.

We'll announce all the winners and runner's-up later in July through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and our member's magazine.

Many thanks to all those who entered - judging was very difficult but there could be only 12 winning photos (this year there are 17 runner's-up whose photos will feature as small 'insets').  Also thanks to twice previous calendar winner Jason Curtis who has again helped with the difficult task of judging!

Options for front cover of 2016 calendar

Wherever you watch nature, make sure you’ve got your camera to capture it - there's always next year's competition!

Don’t forget...

Red fox (c) Greg Coyne

If you're out taking photos don't forget...

...the welfare of the subject is top priority. Don’t stress a subject just for a photo; the wildlife is more important than the image.

...make sure you stay on paths or within designated areas.

Previous winners

The winning and runner's-up photos from 2014 have been uploaded to our Flickr pages.  2015's winners and runner's-up will be posted there soon.