Meet the Trustees

Trust AGMTrust AGM (c) Steve Bloomfield

The Trust is governed by a Council, the members of which are elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting to serve as Trustees for a three-year term.

Our Trustees are the most senior of more than 370 volunteers regularly contributing time and expertise to the Trust's work. Without volunteer input the Trust could not continue to deliver conservation action across Worcestershire. Some of our trustees have specific Officer roles in addition to their usual trustee responsibilities (see below).

Our Honorary Officers

D. J. Mortiboys


Key Responsibilities: Overall responsibility for the governance, organisation and financial strength of the Trust.

David recently retired from full time employment after many years in senior management positions in the automotive industry including nine years spent working abroad. This has given him the time to become a trust volunteer and pursue his interest in wildlife and general conservation and he was delighted to become a member of the Trusts' Council in 2013.

Prof. G. Martin

Vice Chairman

Graham first served on the Trust council in 1980. He has been involved in a range of voluntary work with the Trust ever since and took up the post of Chair in October 2011. On retirement in 2010 he became Emeritus Professor at the School of Biosciences, Birmingham University, UK. He has spent his career researching the senses of birds, mainly their vision and hearing, and has always attempted to understand these from the perspective of how visual information helps birds to carry out different tasks in different environments. He has travelled widely and pondered the diverse sensory challenges that birds face in different habitats, from mudflats and murky waters, to forests, deserts and caves. Recently he has focused on how understanding bird senses can help to reduce the very high levels of bird deaths that are caused by human artifacts; particularly wind turbines, power lines and gill nets.

R. Cory

Hon. Secretary

Key responsibilities: Ensuring that the Trust meets all relevant legal requirements, uses proper administrative procedures and makes proper use of its resources.

Born locally, Richard has been a member of the Trust for nearly 40 years. In 2015 he stepped down from 22 years as Chairman of the Wyre Forest Local Group. Like many he was first introduced to wildlife through birdwatching as a child but he has developed a wider interest in the living world and is particularly interested in the natural history and management of woodland. Now retired Richard likes to use his 42 years of experience in property management and administration for the benefit of the Trust.

J. Blakiston

Hon. Treasurer

Key Responsibilities: Acting as lead trustee in respect of the financial affairs of the Trust and providing advice and support to the Trustees and staff.

John worked as a finance director for a number of manufacturing companies in the West Midlands before deciding to work as a portfolio part time finance director in 2016. He grew up by Surrey heathland, which is where he originally got his interest in wildlife. He now lives in Bewdley close to the Wyre Forest.

G. H. Green MBE

Hon. Officer without portfolio

Harry has been a member of the Trust since its creation in 1968 and actively involved in its affairs as a volunteer and amateur, being first elected to Council in 1970. His volunteer work in the Trust has ranged from practical conservation work in reserves, through fund raising to committee work and as past editor of Worcestershire Wildlife News; with others he produced two books for the Trust.

He completed a long term as Chairman of Council in 1993 and is currently an Hon. Vice-President of the Trust. He has been interested in natural history since boyhood and an active participant in the activities of the British Trust for Ornithology and many other wildlife societies for much of his life.

M. D. Needham

Hon. Officer for Conservation

Mervyn has been a birdwatcher for longer than he cares to remember and has had a great interest in natural history since his teenage years. He became a warden of Chaddesley Woods in 1977 and Reserve Manager after the Trust took over the management from English Nature. He also began B.T.O. survey work in the area and regularly runs a moth trap at home. For the past 36 years together with Rose, another avid amateur naturalist, he has run their own fruit and flower growing business in Chaddesley Corbett.

P. Scriven

Hon. Officer for Conservation

Peter has lived in Worcestershire since the mid 1990s and retired from the retail sector in 2013. His professional career included marketing and merchandising but he specialsied in supply chain and project management. He has always been interested in wildlife and conservation and has been a member and active practical volunteer with the Trust since his retirement. He became warden at Monkwood in 2014 and helped to establish an additional workparty at the reserve in 2015. He has coordinated the actions arising from the Trust's volunteer review in 2014 and continues to use his business and commercial experience for the benefit of the Trust, alongside his practical volunteering contribution.

R. W. D. Pannell

Hon. Officer for Resources

Roger taught science, principally biology, in the Black Country for 35 years. Roger has been a Trust member for about 35 years. He has been an active member of the Stourbridge Local Group Committee for most of that time. Throughout his career Roger enjoyed involving children in wildlife activities both formally and informally. He was elected to Council in 2011.

Mrs L. L. Butler

Hon. Officer for Resources

Linda has been a member of the Trust for a number of years and was elected to Council in 1997. Since then she served as Hon. Secretary until 2005 and was Chairman of Council from 2006 until 2010. During this time she acted as the West Midlands representative on the Board of the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts.

Having recently retired from Birmingham City Council she is enjoying the opportunity to spend more time out and about birdwatching and becoming more practically involved in the Trust’s day to day activities. She is currently an Hon. Vice President of the Trust and sits on the Boards of Biffaward and South West Wildlife Fundraising Ltd.

Our other Trustees