Wildlife Gardening

Wild garden (c) Tom MarshallWild garden (c) Tom Marshall

There are around 19 million gardens in the UK - that's an area of land that covers more than all the National Nature Reserves put together. Together we CAN make a difference for wildlife.

Fox meets hedgehog (c) Terry Lampit

Gardens are a really important way to connect wildlife habitats across the country.  Think of your garden as an important link in a corridor that allows wildlife to move from one place to another.  It doesn't matter whether you live in an urban or rural environment, your garden could make all the difference.

From window boxes to large gardens, most of us have got the chance to do our bit for wildlife.  It doesn't take a lot to make space for wildlife in your garden and our gardens can help wildlife thrive throughout Worcestershire's towns and countryside.

It can be as easy as planting nectar-rich flowers in a window box or putting up a bird box to leaving an area of your garden for wildflowers and grasses or creating log piles.  If you're able to create a pond, even better!

Start making a difference for wildlife in your garden and you could begin to see birds, bats, slow-worms, newts, badgers, hegehogs and foxes not to mention the huge numbers of bees, butterflies and other insects that you'll attract.