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Naunton Court Fields

Two arable fields farmed in a wildlife-friendly way to conserve rare arable plants – the most threatened plant group in Britain today.

These nationally important fields have a long history of cultivation and the Naunton Court area in general important for arable plants.  However, with increased use of herbicides over the last few decades, the chances of seeds surviving are reducing – this reserve is a crucial conservation project.

Arable plants are the most critically threatened group of plants in Britain and account for 18 of the 30 plants showing the greatest decline.  Also at risk are the insects and bird species that depend on them.

Regularly disturbed ground with minimum competition from other plants is ideal for arable plants.  Most are annuals and their seeds are often capable of surviving many years in the soil as a seed bank.  At Naunton Court Fields we have achieved success in conserving a number of rare arable species including the blue pimpernel.

Naunton Court Fields is a great reserve for helping inspire local landowners to farm with arable plants in mind.  We’ve been hugely encouraged by the response from local farmers, many of whom are delighted to discover they could have rare arable flora on their land.

We’re confident that together we can give Worcestershire’s remaining arable plants and the wildlife that depends on them a very bright future indeed.

Species and habitats

Skylark, Yellowhammer

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