Boys searching for minibeastsBoys searching for minibeasts

Looking for a fun wildlife activity for your Beaver group?

If you're looking for fun, wildlife-themed activities for your Beaver group and want to work towards a badge along the way then look no further. We can welcome you here to Lower Smite Farm to do any of the following activities and badges, or we could meet you at one of our nature reserves throughout Worcestershire. To avoid disturbance to our nature reserves, not all activities listed below are available away from Lower Smite Farm. Please contact Hannah (01905 754919) to discuss your requirements. 

Here are the badges that we can best help you with and some suggestions of the activities that we can do. A typical session last between 1 - 2 hours in which we can tailor the session to suit your group's time and requirements best. 

Gardener badge – Take look at trees in all seasons with a focus on the current season of your visit, look at garden tools with an introduction to their safe use, look at growing plants and plant one to take one home, help to tend our wildlife and vegetable garden and learn how to look after your garden at home.

Adventure – Go on a nature walk and discover wildlife all around you, build a den in the woods, build a fire and toast marshmallows

Outdoor Explorers – Become an outdoor explorer and get creative with a piece of natural art, go on a bug hunt and think about what the minibeasts eat, create a simple bug hotel for each child (free) or build bird box* (for the pack). *Building a bird box incurs a small extra charge of £3.50 per box with a maximum of 3 boxes per group possible in one session, with correct supervision)

World Challenge – Become a pond detective and discover the underwater world of ponds, go on a bug hunt in our woodland, build a junk model of a bug or plant a seed to take home with you. As part of your world challenge badge you can do all these whilst exploring a nature reserve!


We might even be able to come out to your group where you meet so get in touch with Hannah or call her on 01905 754919 to discuss your requirements and book your visit.