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A Random Act of Wildness does not turn out as planned

A Tech Free Day

I have a list of 101 Random Acts of Wildness designed to inspire me about what I might try should I run short of ideas.  One of the ideas is to put aside all technology for a day and just concentrate on doing 'natural' things.  Tricky, when I have to use a camera to take a picture to summarise the day and then spend the evening posting a blog, but good for you to try.  However, I achieved it unintentionally today!

I've had it mind to visit Lakenheath and the surrounding area for a day or two in the next couple of weeks.  I wanted to try for some pictures of the damselflies and dragonflies and some of the hobbies catching them.  I've tried previously with distant views and on one occasion had them within touching distance but had left the camera behind!  So when I got offered a spare seat in a car yesterday I thought I'd take advantage.  (Is it 'twitching' if the others are going on a twitch but you're more keen on 'ambience'?).  I prepared carefully on Saturday evening, left everything ready to pop into the car on Sunday morning and arrived at the reserve just after 10 a.m.  Obviously everything was going well!  ... until I turned on the camera to find I didn't have a memory card ... and then turned on my 'phone hoping at least for some simple close ups or landscapes just as the battery died!

Unfortunately the weather was pretty rubbish for insects and hobbies alike, cold, dark and windy.  Err, what was I saying yesterday about weather?

The twitch was unsuccessful no sight nor sound of the target.

So my 13th blog was pretty tech heavy, today was totally tech free!  The photos come from a couple of years ago.

WhitethroatSo, was the day a write-off?  10 a.m. unti 6 p.m. on the reserve, good company and another day out with wildlife, how could that be a write off?  It was a fab day and one of those days that make the ones where everything does come together so much more exciting!

As I always, very annoyingly, (I know it's annoying - people tell me!) say on these occasions: "If you want to guarantee a particular sighting - go to the zoo!" This in wildlife! 

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