Wildlife Holidays

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Support the Trust when you take a holiday!

Wildlife Travel's profits are donated to the Wildlife Trusts and they will make a donation to our Trust if you travel with them. 

Would you like to raise money for the Trust whilst enjoying the spring flowers of the Burren or Mallorca, birdwatching on the Isle of Mull or from your houseboat in the Romanian Danube Delta or enjoying a ‘trip of a lifetime’ in Chile?

Wildlife Travel has been organising wildlife holidays in the UK and worldwide since 1988, with the aim of supporting nature conservation. 

Their trips are ideal for Trust members, whether travelling as individuals, couples or friends, and focus on various interests including birds, flowers, other wildlife, landscape and culture.

No previous knowledge is needed and the pace is comfortable with a good standard of accommodation and travel.

Contact them direct on 01954 713575 or check their web page www.wildlife-travel.co.uk for more information.


Giant frigate bird, Galapagos

Alstromeria pelegrina, Chile