Wildlife Gardening for Everyone

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Your questions answered by The Royal Horticultural Society and The Wildlife Trusts

The UK has 15 million gardens covering 270,000 hectares.  That's more than all the National Nature Reserves in the UK, which just shows how important gardens can be.

In 2005, the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts combined their expertise to launch an exciting an innovative new perspective on wildlife gardening.  By encouraging members of the public to swap ideas, experiences, questions and answers with each other through the internet, they were able to develop a network of wildlife gardneing discussions and shared information.

This book takes the very best of those ideas and tops them up with expert advice from professional RHS gardeners and Wildlife Trust naturalists.  Within these pages you will discover all the benefits of gardening for wildlife, for your garden...and for you.

Edited by Malcolm Tait



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