Adopt a Water Vole

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Help us protect water vole populations in and around Bromsgrove

Water voles have suffered a 90% decline in Worcestershire.  If this rate continues they'll be extinct in the county in our lifetime.

Immortalised as 'Ratty' in Wind in the Willows, water voles were once found in abundance on all of Worcestershire's water courses.  Now, due to habitat loss and predation by the non-native American mink there are few populations left.

Water voles survive on the Battlefield and Spadesbourne Brooks.

Adoptees receive:

A factsheet about water voles
Adoption certificate
Photograph of a water vole
A pop-up species to cut out and put together

Water voles are a priority species in the Worcestershire Biodiversity Action Plan. Through conservation work, education and advice we protect the habitat they need to survive.

The money raised from your adoption will go towards the costs of carrying out this work, directly contributing to the survival of these endangered species so that populations can continue to grow.

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