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To help celebrate our 50th birthday, we are asking wildlife lovers across Worcestershire to Pledge a Patch for wildlife.

Our conservation team here at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust looks after 75+ nature reserves across the county; our work makes a real difference to local wildlife. These special places cover less than half a percent of Worcestershire's land and our local wildlife needs much more space in order to thrive.

This is why we are asking you, and wildlife-lovers like you across Worcestershire, to Pledge a Patch for wildlife. This means dedicating an area in your garden, school, community or work place that is just for wildlife. Your patch can be anything from a window box to a woodland and every patch will help us to make an even bigger difference to our local wildlife.

Wild ideas

Delphiniums illustrationThere are lots of ways that you can improve your local environment for wildlife. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

• Create a butterfly haven

You can make a mini meadow in just about anything, an old tyre, a bit of guttering nailed to a fence, even a pair of wellies – buy some seeds for a good source and off you go!

• Add a small pond for a froggy friend

Even a little bit of water really helps wildlife, you could use an old bucket or washing up bowl – just make sure it has different depths and a way for any wildlife to climb out.

• Create a Hedgehog highway

Hedgehogs need room to roam, so make sure they can get in and out of your garden, school or workplace by making a hole in the bottom of your fence, it only needs to be as big as a CD – or better still plant a hedge instead!

• Feed the birds and give them a bath too

You can get feeders that stick to windows so you don’t even need a garden to do your bit and a little bit of water in a saucer is enough to give them a bath and drink too.

• Make a ladybird love nest

Ladybirds and other bugs love cuddling up in cosy dry places - use piles of twigs, logs or pinecones to create some shelter for them on your patch

• Leave your leaves alone for the slug eating centipede

They love hiding in mouldy leaves, as do frogs, toads and newts – so leave a pile for them to enjoy.

• Let the grass grow

Bumblebee illustrationAn excellent excuse to pass on the mowing once in a while, over 50 times more insects are found in longer grass than grass that is kept short, so leaving just a few patches long can really make a difference

• Make friends with weeds – after all they are just flowers in the wrong place

So leave a few dandelions and nettles to grow wild - the bees, caterpillars and butterflies will really appreciate it.

• Try not to use chemicals, pesticides or slug pellets on your patch

– they keep all wildlife away not just the pests. Instead encourage birds, spiders, toads and slow worms to be your natural pest control.

Will you Pledge a Patch to help us turn more of Worcestershire wild?

Please let us know that you've pledged your patch below by letting us know your name and postcode. We'll add your postcode to our Worcestershire Pledge a Patch map below (patches on our map will remain anonymous).

We'd love to see a photo of your patch so why not email us a photo or two and we'll upload them to our Pledge a Patch gallery.


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We will update our Pledge a Patch map weekly.

  • Green patches show individual's pledges
  • Blue patches show pledges from organisations

Thank you to Mike Hughes Wildlife Artist for the beautiful illustrations.

Thank you to Donna Mintey Illustration and Design for the fabulous logo.

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