Go Wild!

Friday 20th May 2016

Relaxing in the park (c) Eleanor ChurchRelaxing in the park (c) Eleanor Church

Members of public are being encouraged to spare a moment to reconnect with nature this June and do something wild every day for a month as a part of a nationwide campaign by the 47 UK Wildlife Trusts.

Dandelion clock (c) Lucy WoodThe 30 Days Wild challenge gets underway on Wednesday 1st June, when the charity will be kick-starting it with their ‘Go Wild’ family event at Lower Smite Farm. Participants will attempt to complete 30 nature inspired activities in a single session between 2-4pm.

The challenge is simple and designed to delight; whether it’s relaxing on the lawn, smelling flowers or following a bee, everyone is being encouraged to make room for nature. Anything outdoors goes and it’s all about utilising the natural world to help you feel happier, healthier and more connected to nature.

Wendy Carter, Communications Manager for the Trust, explained “The wonderful thing about this challenge is that it’s actually really easy to fit nature into everyday life.

“You can find nature anywhere so think about finding the wild in your life every single day – taking the kids to school; walking the dog; looking out from the train on your commute. The chances are that nature is already there but maybe you haven’t noticed it yet.”

Random Acts of Wildness

Smell the flowers (c) Tom MarshallFamilies taking part in Go Wild will be joining thousands across the UK who have signed up to undertake a Random Act of Wildness every day in a bid to become closer to nature and appreciate our fascinating natural world.

This could include watching clouds, playing Pooh sticks, jumping in puddles or turning off electronic gadgets and listening to the sounds of the wild. Any one of any age can get involved with making daisy chains, playing games outside rather than indoors or going barefoot in the garden.

Wendy added “We don't want you to give anything up this June or dress in funny clothes (although you can if you want to). We just want you to give yourself time in the wild: time for you, time your family, time to be at peace with nature.

“Random Acts of Wildness can be anything as simple as taking a brief moment to inhale the aroma of a wildflower, listening to the birds chirping in the garden or finding a wild place for lunch whether at home, school or work.”

Detect, discover, dig, invite, inhale, immerse, shout, scatter and sweep – it’s free to sign up and everyone who does so will receive an inspirational pack full of ideas, a quirky wallchart to track progress, a wild badge and regular blasts of inspiration throughout June sent straight to their inbox to help make nature a part of their lives.

More than 13,800 people have already signed up to take part in 30 Days Wild.

To help keep up the wild momentum, the Trust is running a series of events throughout June from ‘Wyre Forest Watch’ for families on 12th June to a Midsummer Meadows walk near Malvern on 21st June.

With a series of Trust events taking place throughout June, a pack oozing with inspiration and the beauty of wildlife surrounding everyone, it seems June is the ideal time to embrace the local nature.

To sign up for a 30 Days Wild pack and weekly emails, visit www.wildlifetrusts.org/30DaysWild.

Share progress and ideas using #30DaysWild, with us on Twitter @WorcsWT, our Facebook page or join the 30 Days Wild Facebook group.

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