Children become River Rangers

Thursday 18th February 2016

Looking at pond creatures (c) Wendy CarterLooking at pond creatures (c) Wendy Carter

Children in three Bromsgrove schools will be learning how to become River Rangers in a series of sessions run by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

The River Ranger activities are part of the conservation charity’s Love Your River Bromsgrove project. The project is helping to improve the water quality of freshwater throughout Bromsgrove as well as inspire residents to look after their brooks, streams and waterways.

Marissa Ryland, Engagement Officer for the Trust, explained “We’ve got a series of really exciting sessions to help children understand more about the brooks that they live so close to.

Yellow fish - think before you put down the sink“Both the Battlefield and Spadesbourne Brook are significant features in Bromsgrove and both are important for wildlife and people. During the sessions we’ll be looking at why water is important and how we can help to keep it clean.”

The Trust will be running the River Rangers programme with Catshill First, Meadows First and Catshill Middle schools.

The half-day sessions includes playing games to find out about water as a precious resource, discovering how water gets polluted and doing a school audit to locate places where the wrong things could be put down drains.

Rain garden

Marissa continued “As well as looking at their school grounds, we’ll also be taking the children out to the Battlefield Brook to discover the amazing wildlife that lives there.

“We’ll take some nets and look for the creatures that lurk beneath the surface – caddisfly larva, freshwater shrimp, water boatman, water hoglouse and many others.

“Catshill Middle School has also opted for us to help the children construct a simple rain garden to help with draining water away from their school grounds.”

The Trust are also offering free assemblies to schools in Bromsgrove who want to discover more about Bromsgrove’s brooks and what they can do to help.

The Love Your Rivers Bromsgrove project is funded by the Environment Agency and reaches out to all residents in Bromsgrove. More than 20 locals have already been trained to monitor and spot pollution on their adopted sections of the brook.

The project will also be installing porous surfaces, sustainable drainage systems and improving bankside vegetation as well as encouraging people to ensure that household white goods aren’t misconnected and that they think about what they’re putting down the sink and road drains.

Marissa added “Our waterways are really important for both wildlife and people. As the project goes on, we expect that both local residents and local wildlife will benefit.

Any school that would like an assembly should email Marissa or call her on 01905 754919.

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