Course Tutors

Discovering (c) Wendy Carter

Want to know a bit more about your Tutor for your upcoming workshop? Then check out their mini biographies below

Steve Bloomfield - Bird Song Identification

Steve is now the Trust's Conservation Officer responsible for leading our planning work but he’s occupied various roles in the reserves and wider countryside teams here for almost 20 years. In his spare time he’s an avid birder and has been using song to identify birds for survey purposes since he was 14. He’s still learning though so this course is a chance to share in the process and hopefully pick up some hints and tips along the way!

Tessa Carrick B. Sc. (Hons.), M. A., M.Sc., F. Soc. Biol - Mosses and Liverworts

Tessa is a Vice President of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and started the bryophyte group in Worcestershire. Although a biologist, she is not an expert on bryophytes but has the knowledge to help beginners. Tessa regards bryophytes as an important but often overlooked component of the environment. She continues to be amazed by the variety of these small plants and says that under the microscope they are particularly fascinating and beautiful.

Caroline Corsie – Soil Health

Caroline Corsie has managed Lower Smite Farm since 2008 and quickly started improving the farms soil health and enhancing the wildlife value of the farm, two factors she believes are closely linked. Lower Smite farm has been owned by the Wildlife Trust since 2001 and demonstrates how sensitive farming techniques can improve the agricultural landscape for wildlife.

Caroline has been experimenting since arriving at Lower Smite. With complex mixes of green manures she designs herself, with high legume content and wild flowers that support a broad range of pollinators and farmland birds. She has also used locally available green waste composts to improve soil health and fertility and imports farm yard manure from a neighbour who feeds their extensively reared beef with Lower Smite forage.

Harry Green – Hoverflies and Discovering Microscopes

Naturalist Harry Green is a Trustee of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and the Worcestershire Biological Records Centre (WBRC) and very active with the Worcestershire Recorders. The latter group contains many Worcestershire naturalists as members and one main aim is to collect biological records to support the WBRC. Harry is especially keen to encourage invertebrate recording and has specialised in hoverflies for many years. As part of his recording, Harry has extensive use of microscopes.

Dr Ann Hill BSc (Hons.) PhD CBiol MSB CMIEEM - Mosses and Liverworts

Ann is a consultant ecologist with specialist skills in botanical surveying, bryophyte identification and extensive National Vegetation Classification survey experience. Ann is an active member of Worcestershire Biological Recording Committee and the appointed bryophyte recorder for the vice-county of Worcestershire.

Geoff Trevis – Bees at Lower Smite Farm

Geoff has been a Trust member for about 40 years. He worked as a medical biochemist but since retiring has been able to devote more time to conservation and natural history. He has become the county recorder and local expert in hymenoptera (bees, ants and wasps) and has been appointed Chair of Hymettus, a national research and conservation group for their study. He has made special studies of hymenoptera at heathland sites near Kidderminster and, with others, has helped to greatly increase the knowledge of these insects in the county.

Geoff is also reserve manager at Droitwich Community Woods, chair of Worcestershire Biological Records Centre, chair of Worcestershire Recorders and chair of Hymettus (a not-for-profit company undertaking research) and a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust vice-president.