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Suprising Find

Not too long ago, there was an open day at Tiddesley Wood, Pershore. I was there as a volunteer photographer and the day was brilliant! There were stalls, live music, crafts, activities, pony rides and the weather held out too! 

At one of the stalls I was handed a bag of small wrinkly potatoes that had sprouted and was told I could grow more from them. I didn't think too much of them as I was being rushed by the crowds that were all wandering the stalls.
To be honest, when I took them home they sat in my fruit bowl for a long time because I never got round to doing much with them. One day though, mum told me it really didn't take much effort to plant them and that all I needed was a huge tub, lots of soil and some water...

So, one big tub, soil and some water later, the plant that had actually formed was eaten by bugs and looked to be completely dead. I got pretty disheartened, thought i'd failed at potato growing and didn't think to investigate at the time.

After doing abit of research, it appears that it actually wasn't destroyed by some bug, but had 'late blight'. This is essentially a disease of the foliage which just destroys the plant. 

HOWEVER, at the weekend we decided to have a look. Lo and behold, there were spuds! There wasn't many but still! Some were a little green and probably not quite edible but it just goes to show how easy they were to grow with little intervention. In all honesty though, you are likely to get a much better crop if you tend to them and look after them properly...  







Forget Me Not

On a little wander through Worcester center, I noticed loads of small handcrafted blue forget me nots. I had no idea what they were for until I saw some banners on the fences. It turns out it was for the celebration of St Richards Hospice. What a beautiful way to do it! They all looked brilliant in the grounds of Worcester Spire. Here's a link to the news article where you can read about them:-


I think this was such a fantastic way to get people noticing and appreciating the cause. The idea was to create a memorable focal point of reflection and appreciation by engaging the community to place these flowers and make a celebratory garden. Walking through them was really lovely, it certainly will leave a memory.  I love that celebrating life can be shown so beautifully and visually with the use of flora and fauna. Nature plays a very important part in humanity and I think it's perfect way to enjoy and reflect on what we have in our lives. It also celebrates the lives that have been lost and offers comfort, particularly with the use of Forget Me Nots but also knowing that nature will always grow and bloom.

They will be there until 29th August, so I would really recommened going down for a wander! 

"The time has come for us to part
But forget me not keep me in your heart
As your life follows it’s twists and turns
Keep me there as life’s lessons you learn

Take me out now and then
And think of me once and again
But move on because that’s what we do
And I will always remember you."

- Margmax 2011

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