Posted: Tuesday 28th May 2019 by HardwickGreenMeadows

Yellow rattle by Sara BurtonYellow rattle by Sara Burton

Meet our new Hardwick Green Meadows project officer, Liz...

Liz BunneyFirstly I would like to introduce myself. I took over as Hardwick Green Meadows Project Officer from Mandy in late February.  My name is Liz Bunney and, after retiring from the Forestry Commission I was looking for a part-time job to juggle around a few other commitments including managing 17 acres of woodland and old cherry orchard in the Teme Valley! This job fits the bill perfectly and I am really enjoying it - and loving the wonderful place that is Hardwick Green Meadows.

I have spent much of my time catching up with everything that Mandy was involved with and reading lots of information about the meadows and the history of the area. See the other blog posts for an idea of the information that has already been gathered; it's fascinating.

Last week I was at Hardwick Green Meadows and I was thrilled to see the great burnet coming up as well as a wonderful array of other beautiful meadow wildflowers such as yellow rattle, common mouse-ear, lady’s smock, goat beard and one lone early purple orchid! There were many different species of grasses flowering and I also saw a hare, apparently a common sight there.

My photos don’t do this amazing site justice so do try and come along to our open day on 9th June when you'll be able to see these magnificent meadows at their best! We will be there from 10am until 4pm with the intention of identifying and recording as much wildlife as we can in order to help us look after it in the future. If that all sounds a bit daunting, just come along to enjoy being there! (Please – no dogs).

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