Posted: Wednesday 10th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Great tit approaches nest boxGreat tit approaches nest box

Where did the time go as I watched the great tits flying to and fro?

Time flies!

I'd been intending to sit and watch the nest box occupied by great tits ever since my outdoor breakfast on day 3.  I thought I'd do a fairly quick Random act of Wildness today: ten or fifteen minutes watching the birds would be fine.

Great tit on nest box

Of course I'd not factored in getting a couple of pictures for the blog.  I soon got a couple of shots of the birds perched on the pergola, mouths full of chick food.  That led to me trying to identify the invertebrates by blowing up the photos on the back of the camera.  

After having little success at that I got distracted by trying to achieve some flight shots. Having got some shots of the birds emerging from the nest box hole, catching them in flight outside the box, estimating the distance of travel and knowing how rapidly the camera repeats pictures my mind turned to trying to calculate their speed and acceleration ... oh dear! that took me back to a past life! Once a science teacher always a science teacher. I realised I'd need a piece of paper and at that point I checked my watch ... 15 minutes had turned into an hour and a half!

Great tit leaving nest box

Leaving nest with faecal sac







...and no, I never bothered with those calculations, who do you think I am? Chris Packham?  ;-)


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