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Breakfast in the Garden

Posted: Wednesday 3rd June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Garden breakfast tableGarden breakfast table

A dramatic change in the weather gives the opportunity for an early morning 'random act of wildness'!

Breakfast in the Garden

The weather is so much nicer and calmer this morning, the sun is even out and there are fluffy white clouds in a deep blue sky.

Our patio is set up to eat out at any stage of the day and the intention is always to use it as such.  Busy lives, however, mean that a quick slice of toast and a cup of tea are invariably taken inside.  So, stimulated by having to produce this blog, I decided to sit outside this morning.  

In all honesty the breakfast bit didn't work out too well; searching for the best china, finding a vase for a pretentious flower and then lining up the photo all took rather a long time and the coffee was cold by the time the photo was taken! Now that banana is staring at me; I'm told they are so good for me and that would be fine if they didn't all have that horrible banana flavour!

I have now made another cup of coffee and photo session over I'm sitting outside listening to the birdsong, watching the great tit delivering food to the nest box and trying to reassure myself that there really is no such thing as a weed, just a wild flower in the wrong place!  

It is very relaxing and, weather permitting, I'll do it again this month but without the best china and a camera!

I'll come back to the wild garden in a future blog.

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