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Monday 5th September 2016

Find the Mimis' letterFind the Mimis' letter

Staff from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust have made an amazing discovery at their Lower Smite Farm headquarters between Worcester and Droitwich Spa.

Giant footprintEngagement Officer, Marissa Ryland, was surprised to discover giant footprints in the fields close to their education centre. Fortunately the mystery was solved when a family met Marissa for a walk around the farm.

Marissa explained “The footprints certainly weren’t human and we couldn’t think what they could possibly be; our farm manager suggested a Yeti!

“”When the children visited they came across a letter in our veggie plot from Aboriginal spirits, the Mimis, who help to look after the land. The letter said they had come from Australia to stay in our Granary building at the farm.”

Unsure of what they should do, the family found a member of staff and they all crept over to the Granary to see what was going on. As they unlocked the old wooden door, they were amazed to find that the Mimis had set up camp and left presents.

Marissa continued “We read the letter again and it said that the Mimis had come to find out what England was like in winter and how we looked after wildlife on the farm.

“There’s a lot happening on the farm over winter so we would like to invite nurseries and schools to come to visit and help us tell the Mimis what the countryside is like during our colder months.”

Fun and learning outdoors

Finding wildlife in the woodsThe new programme will give pupils the chance to get stuck into a hands-on, interactive day heading out on a trail to collect winter treasures, make ice decorations for the Mimis as well as create a mud map to show where tracks, burrows and food stashes of different animals are on the farm.

Children will also get the chance to find out what Australia is like in winter by looking through the presents the Mimis have left as well as taking part in a Mimi dance.

Marissa added “Throughout autumn, the Mimis will be helping us to look after the farm by watering plants and feeding the birds. We’re really looking forward to showing our Australian visitors what winter is like – schools can book in now for our Mimi days with the first visits starting in November.”

The sessions are called Winter Wonder and are suitable for children aged 3-6 years old. It is one of two programmes launched for the autumn and winter terms.

Autumn Adventures is also being launched this term. The programme follows the story of a hedgehog through the autumn to encourage classes to discover this amazing season.

Costs for both programmes are £5.00 per pupil for a full day or £3.50 for a half day visit. There is no charge for adults.

Any school or nursery interested in booking a session should contact Marissa on 01905 754919 or

For information about our complete range of programmes for schools, visit our For Teachers pages.

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