WildWalks FAQs

Not sure about WildWalks? Here are some answers to a few frequently asked questions.

Where can I carry out a WildWalk?

The focus of WildWalks is to assess the impact of our landscape scale conservation work. As such recording of WildWalks is restricted to The Wildlife Trust’s Living Landscape project areas and some Trust nature reserves.

What Species can I record?

WildWalks can be used to record any wildlife! Please tell us about anything that you feel confident of identifying.

How often should I carry out my WildWalk?

A WildWalk can be carried out at any time and in any season. Records can be one-offs for a given site, but the more frequently a route is walked and species recorded, the more useful the information will be.

What happens to my records?

Records entered and submitted onto the system will be stored for future reference. These records will be accessible to local Wildlife Trusts and will be verified by, and given to, the local biological records centre.

Can I access the WildWalks on all web browsers?

The website displays properly on Internet Explorer (IE) 9, Firefox & Chrome but unfortunately it’s not compatible with IE8 or older.

Is there an app?

WildWalks is built on an online platform and so, although it is not optimised for mobile devices, it can still be used via mobile providing that you are able to connect to the internet. An app is under consideration for later.

Where are pre-planned walks currently available?

On certain of our nature reserves and occasionally throughout Living Landscapes. New ones are being added all the time! You can also set up your own route if you wish and these will not be publicly available for others to see so you won't need to worry about lots of people turning up on your favourite quiet walk. Some examples of pre-planned walks can be found on the LivingMap website for the following reserves:-

Forest of Feckenham Living Landscape: Feckenham Wylde Moor, Grafton Wood, Trench Wood, Eades Meadow, Piper’s Hill Common
Severn & Avon Vales Living Landscape: Windmill Hill
Wyre Forest Heaths Living Landscape: Devil’s Spittleful and Rifle Range
Stour Valley Living Landscape: Chaddesley Wood
Teme Valley Living Landscape: Knapp and Paper Mill, Three Reserves Walk
Malvern Chase Living Landscape: Hollybed Farm Meadows, Brotheridge Green & Melrose FarmMeadows