Bow Brook 2012-2013

Measuring fish from the Bow BrookMeasuring fish from the Bow Brook

So far 2012 is as busy as 2011 for the Bow Brook. Designs are currently being finalised for three wetland creation projects. Whilst the primary focus of this work is to improve fish stocks on the Bow Brook by creating on-line refuge areas for fish, the habitat created provides much needed biodiversity too.

In July the Wetlands Officers joined the Environment Agency on one of their fish monitoring days. In order to do this a small DC current is used to stun the fish; this enables efficient identification of species and allows fish abundance and density on a stretch of river to be recorded. The fish are not harmed in any way and are returned to the water after being measured. Fish recorded were: brown trout, eel, dace, chub, gudgeon, stickleback, bullhead and stone loach. Brown trout are a particularly good indicator species so this is good news for the Bow Brook! We hope this year’s capital works will further improve these numbers.

You can see some pictures of the fish monitoring in action in our Water and Wetlands Flickr set.