Wildlife spotting sheets

Download our spotting sheets and have fun in your local greenspace or on your local nature reserve.

Why not print some off and take your children, club or friends to your local greenspace and try them out?



FilenameFile size
Birds - spring/summer migrants spotter card.pdf808.02 KB
Birds - winter migrants spotter card.pdf890.04 KB
Butterfly detectives.pdf3.22 MB
Butterflies spotter card.pdf819.36 KB
Butterflies (meadows) spotting card.pdf450.62 KB
Damsels and dragons spotter card.pdf872.38 KB
Farmland spotting sheet.pdf1011.91 KB
Garden bees spotter card.pdf818.28 KB
Garden birds spotter card.pdf850.45 KB
Heathland spotting sheet.pdf1023.5 KB
Invertebrates spotter card.pdf875.27 KB
Mammals spotter card.pdf946.52 KB
Meadow and wetland spotting sheet.pdf802.26 KB
Minibeast detectives.pdf546.9 KB
Moth spotter.pdf974.24 KB
Nut detectives.pdf1.36 MB
Plants spotter card.pdf1.11 MB
Spring flowers spotter.pdf803.27 KB
Tracks and signs activity sheet.pdf253.72 KB
Woodland spotting sheet.pdf719.28 KB