Children help to create wetland

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

The new wetland before plantingThe new wetland before planting

Schoolchildren from Bromsgrove School are getting involved in the creation of a new wetland to improve the Battlefield Brook for both people and wildlife.

The new wetland is being created near the Deansway Road area as part of Worcestershire Wildife Trust’s Love Your River Bromsgrove project, to slow the flow of water, hold more water during flood events and cleanse the water before it enters the brook. Work began to remove the nearby concrete outflow pipe and create the wetland in early May.

Lucy Wood, Water and Wetlands Officer for the Trust explained “It’s been great to see the work unfold over the last few weeks.

“We’ve removed the ‘wings’ of the nearby concrete storm drain that currently ejects water from nearby roads straight into the Battlefield Brook – the pipe has been sealed off and the water re-directed so that the newly created wetland can do its job.

“Having local schoolchildren along to help with these final stages is fantastic – they’ll get to spend time outside and learn why it’s so important to look after what’s right on your doorstep.”

The children will plant flag iris, marsh marigold, juncus grass and other native wet-loving plants. Along with shallow depressions to help guide the water through, these will help slow the flow and clean the water flowing through the wetland by trapping nutrients and pollution before they reach the brook.

Monitoring water quality & wildlife

The project, funded by the Environment Agency and with support from Severn Trent Water and Bromsgrove District Council, aims to improve the quality of water in the Battlefield Brook, which is currently failing international water quality legislation for invertebrates, plants and phosphate levels.

Love Your River Bromsgrove has already trained 27 volunteers to monitor the quality of the brook, created River Rangers in three local schools and installed a new porous surface on the car park to prevent flooding.

Lucy continued “As well as cleaning water before it reaches the brook, the wetland will be a really nice feature of this brilliant green lung for Bromsgrove town. It will also help the water voles that make their home along the brook here – creating connectivity and providing them with extra food.

“And the more that people think about what they put down the sink and down the drains, the better this wetland will work.

“The work here has been the largest part of the project, which has been working across the District, and has been a great opportunity for us to make a real difference for both the people and wildlife of Bromsgrove.”

For up to date information about Love Your River Bromsgrove follow the project on Twitter @LYR_Bromsgrove

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