Free Assemblies

Bumblebee illustrationBumblebee illustration

Get your children buzzing about bees and discovering a magical oak woodland

Our team of school assembly volunteers are available to deliver two free assemblies themed around wildlife.  All our assemblies are interactive and visual including games, storytelling and high resolution pictures.

Bzzy Bees (EYS - YR6)

The children enjoyed the assembly. I was impressed at how it was pitched so well for the age group of the children. We will definitely recommend your Bzzy Bee assembly to other schools.

St James Malvern 

At Lower Smite Farm we are focussing on how we can all work together to stop the worrying decline of our amazing wild bees.

Your children will learn more about our bumblebees, red mason bees and mining bees and how we can all help to save them. 

This assembly involves an interactive game which acts out the life cycle of a red mason bee. We will be turning your children into flowers, larvae and bees. 

You can also download a Bzzy Bee pack as follow up to create places in your school grounds where wild bees can find food and shelter. 

Bzzy Bee Pack


'The Lost Words' (EYS - YR2 only) 

Thank you again for a great morning of assemblies. The children were all really enthralled and have been talking about it all day. Cherry Orchard Primary 

One of our wizards will come and visit to ask for your children's help to find a missing word from nature to complete their spell.

Through this fun and interactive assembly your children will help the wizard find what it is. 

The spell is needed to look after the woodland and all the animals living in it. Along the way your children will learn more about oak trees and the creatures that call this tree their home. 

This assembly is based on the 'Lost Words' book by Rob Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. Full of poems or 'spells' the book reminds us of all the words from nature we are forgetting including 'acorn' and 'starling'. 

Your wizard will be focussing on the acorn spell. Using storytelling techniques they will bring their woodland home alive before casting a spell with your children to bring back the word for all of us to remember. 



If you would like to book an assembly email Marissa - marissa@worcestershirewildlifetrust or phone 01905 754919

Please let us know the best days in the week for an assembly at your school and approximate timings.