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Get your children buzzing about wild bees!

At Lower Smite Farm we are focussing on how we can all work together to stop the worrying decline of our amazing wild bees. Schools can sign up now to receive a FREE Bzzy Bee assembly to learn more about bumblebees, red mason bees and mining bees! 

We have already delivered more than 30 assemblies across Worcestershire thanks to our trained Bzzy Bee assembly volunteers. 

Request an assembly using the enquiry form below. 

You will also get a FREE Bzzy Bee Challenge pack as follow up to create places in your school grounds where wild bees can find food and shelter.

I would like to say a huge thank you for the talk on bees that you led for us. It was FANTASTIC! It was the talking point for children and adults during the rest of today

Headteacher, Hanley Swan Primary


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