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Some thoughts about wild bees.

Bees, Again!

It seems a long time ago in the history of this blog that I wrote about my visit to a bee hive.  Such is the importance of bees that I make no apology for spending some time with them again today.  I wrote about walking through our side entrance and smelling the roses; today it was my ears rather than my nose which responded to nature.  The flowers were alive with the buzzing of bees.  One of the suggestions for 30DaysWild is to stalk a wild bee as far as you can.  This spot is great for a lazy person like me, the bees spent ages just moving from flower to flower so I could sit down on the path!  When they finally flew they went over the wall, I'm not up to climbing any more so that's may excuse for not following them.

Another suggestion for 30DaysWild is to do something to help wildlife in your garden; I think our bee hotel counts! The hotel seems rather empty this year. Last year it totally filled with sand, presumably from red mason bees and when they emerged it filled with rose leaves used by leaf-cutter bees so we had at least double occupancy last year.  You may bee able to make out from the photo that this year we have a couple of mason bee tubes and one leaf-cutter bee tube. 

Yet another suggestion for 30DaysWild is to write a letter to an M.P. about a wildlife issue or sign a petition.  What better subject than the future of our wild bees?  I'm sure you are aware that bees are in trouble with populations crashing.  I hope you are also aware of the effects of neonicotinoid poisons on the bees, thankfully the E.U. has banned them but currently some U.K. farmers want the ban lifted in Britain, our government seems minded to allow that to happen.  I have signed a petition started by '38 degrees' to ask the government to continue to support the E.U. ban and I've written directly to my M.P. who has responded very fully but not in the way I would have hoped!

Can I ask that you check the facts for yourself and if you find that the science supports the banning of the pesticide group, as I do, then you consider taking some action?  I'll add some links below that you can follow through.

...and I reckon that that covers about four 30DaysWild suggestions in 1 blog! 

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