Posted: Wednesday 17th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Empty nestEmpty nest

The great tits have fledged

While I was away!

I thought it was a bit quiet as I walked underneath the great tit's nest box today, so when I had a moment this afternoon I sat and watched for activity.  You may remember that exactly a week ago I photographed the parents feeding their young.  They were arriving every couple of minutes so I assume there was a good sized clutch.  I suppose that at that stage I could have checked while they were away; the front of the box drops down very quickly and easily. However, this is a new box put up at the last moment and very close to our backdoor so I didn't want to disturb them any more; I was happy that the nest seemed to be successful and the only reason to check would have been curiosity.

I sat in the garden and watched for 30mins or so. No sign of activity so I dropped the front of the box open.  I was really surprised how clean the nest was, no obvious parasite infestation and a single faecal sac left behind.  I cannot hear any tits in the garden this afternoon so I guess they've dispersed.  My best guess is that they left yesterday while I was at Smite Farm.

I'm left with a strange mixture of satisfaction that the box helped out, disappointment that I missed seeing the young fledge and a little whistful that this is another sign of the end of spring as the season turns to summer.

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