Moth Investigators

Moth Investigators

Elephant hawk-moth by Tom Marshall

Moths are brilliant!

Discover more about the marvellous world of moths with funky facts and myth-busting fun...

Have a go - spot a moth

8 common Worcestershire moths to spot

Have a go - test your knowledge

Have a go - get creative

Have a go - can you camouflage (like a moth)?

Have a go - be more caterpillar

Discover more about the amazing world of caterpillars...

Watch This Caterpillar Turn Into A Puss Moth | The Dodo

Helping wildlife in your garden

Discover more about helping moths and other insects in your garden


Common carder bee by Rosemary Morris

Helping Worcestershire's wildlife

If our Investigators have (re)ignited your family's love for nature, why not support wildlife by joining the Trust? We are working hard across our beautiful county to care for wild places so that wildlife and people can thrive.

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Fox cubs by Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography