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Insect Investigators

Common cockchafer / Maybug by Nick Upton/2020VISION

Insects are brilliant!

Discover more about the amazing world of insects with our videos, activities and spotter sheets...

Have a go - help insects on your doorstep

Creating homes, hidey holes or planting their favourite will you help?

Instructions for making an insect hotel

Have a go - activities

Watch Ben's video and then try our activities to carefully catch insects so that you can study them a bit more...

Have a go - spotting

Have a go - games

Have a go at our games...

series of questions that could be true or false
Instructions for playing beetle drive

Record what you see

Making a note of what you spot is really important.  Over time you (and we) will be able to see whether insects and other wildlife are doing really with all the help you're giving them.  Why not use our simple sheet below to get you started...

Helping Worcestershire's wildlife

If our Investigators have (re)ignited your family's love for nature, why not support wildlife by joining the Trust? We are working hard across our beautiful county to care for wild places so that wildlife and people can thrive.

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Fox cubs by Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography