Bird Investigators

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Bird Investigators

Long-tailed tit by Mark Roberts

Birds are brilliant!

Discover more about the wonderful world of birds and have a go at some our fun activities and games.

Have a go - help the birds

Instructions for making a bird feeder

Have a go - watch the birds

Instructions for making a bird hide
instructions for making binoculars
Spotter sheets of common birds

Have a go - listen to the birds

Picture showing the title "Bird Song Shout"

Have a go - play a game

Watch Ben's video about bird beaks then download the instructions to play at home.

Have a go - just for fun

Helping Worcestershire's wildlife

If our Investigators have (re)ignited your family's love for nature, why not support wildlife by joining the Trust? We are working hard across our beautiful county to care for wild places so that wildlife and people can thrive.

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Great spotted woodpeckers © Bas Yates