Key Stage 4 & 'A' Level

Working with schools

Key Stage 4 and 'A' Levels

We will tailor make our geography and biology programmes for your classes to meet your examination needs.

We offer a range of programmes to meet your requirements for exam syllabuses and targets at GCSE and 'A' Level.

Whilst we have listed our popular programmes below there are other biology and geography topics from which you may design your own timetable - please call us to discuss this further.

Throughout our programmes at this level, all students will:

  • devise a hypothesis
  • identify habitats
  • use random and systematic sampling methods
  • identify and record variety and number of species
  • record abiotic factors
  • compare and contrast findings
  • apply statistical formulae
  • critically assess their methods and findings
  • consider human impact on habitats
  • draw conclusions

Our Key Stage 4 & 'A' Level programmes

Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling

Students will use random sampling to study life in a pond. After using keys to identify the creatures they will calculate a biotic index and also use statistics such as Chi² to compare populations in two ponds. 

Farmland Ecology

Students will gain first-hand experience of Lower Smite Farm’s wildlife-friendly farming practice. An overview of farming and a tour will lead to an investigation as to whether methods are increasing biodiversity on the farm via random and systematic sampling. Students will use Simpson's Biodiversity Index to quantify their results.

River Ecology

Students will investigate how invertebrate numbers vary against stream flow conditions such as velocity, depth and bedload.

Fluvial Geography

Students will study the Leigh Brook and its catchment at Alfrick Pound. Their studies will include sketching, recording and discussing management issues. They will assess landform, channel processes and flooding through the measurement of channel profile, bedload, flow rate and the calculation of discharge.