Key Stage 3

Working with schools

Key Stage 3

We offer a range of tailormade programmes for 11-14 year olds visiting Lower Smite Farm and our nature reserves.

Whilst we have a series of popular KS3 programmes (see below), we're happy to discuss your curriculum targets and specifications before you book. 

We can arrange days that focus more on personal development through practical activities and games.

Since Lower Smite Farm opened its doors in 2005 we have delivered a series of activities to groups of students with emotional and learning needs.  The programmes are adaptations of our KS2 and KS3 programmes, combining learning with achievable practical challenges to boost confidence, teamwork and morale amongst students.

Our Key Stage 3 programmes

Introduction to Farming

Includes farm tours with mapping and decision-making exercises

River Investigation

Calculating flow rates, water quality and developing fieldwork skills

Pond and Stream Comparison

Species identification, adaptation and variation between habitats.