Rewilding Q&A

Wildflowers covered in dew by Andy Bartlett

Wildflowers covered in dew - Andy Bartlett

Join our panel of experts to discuss different ways to rewild.

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7:00pm - 8:00pm

About the event

Our panel of local experts, hosted by our Director Colin Raven, will discuss how rewilding can help address the loss of habitat and ecological and climate crisis we face as a planet. We will examine how to rewild ourselves, rewild our communities and rewild on a larger scale.

Questions can be submitted in advance or asked on the night.

Brett Westwood - Worcestershire author, naturalist and broadcaster
Helen Woodman - Worcestershire Wildlife Trust's Head of Conservation 
Johnny Birks - Worcestershire author, naturalist and ex-Chairman of the Mammal Society

The talk will last for approximately an hour with plenty of time for Q&As afterwards.

Ticket sales for this event will close 20 minutes before the event begins (6.40pm). 

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£2.50 per person watching

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