Valuable work experience

Valuable work experience

Meet Ilyaas & Thorsten as they spend a week undertaking their work experience with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust...

Why we chose Worcestershire Wildlife Trust?

We both chose Worcestershire Wildlife Trust for our week's work experience for a plethora of reasons. The jobs and processes carried out by the Trust link in quite firmly to both our A level courses; we both currently study Biology and Geography and our desired university options are based around ecology and environmental science.

Choosing the Trust also gave us the opportunity to get outdoors doing something good for our local environments and to expand our personal passion and love for ecology and conservation of wildlife.

Work experience overview


Our week started off with a friendly induction from Youth Engagement Officer, Ben, to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust where we met all the different members of staff. We then helped with simple tasks such as tool maintenance, Trust vehicle checks and setting up for a commercial booking. These tasks gave us an insight into the day to day jobs which are essential to the running of the trust.


Tuesday consisted of us heading out in one of the Trust’s vehicles, onto the Fosters Green Nature Reserve with a roving volunteers group, carrying out key conservation works such as the removal of injurious plants, clearance of a public bridleway and repair of a fence.


On the third day, we went to Blackhouse Wood to perform a tree condition survey where we looked at the conditions of trees and assessed whether they posed a threat to road users. We identified a fallen branch and worked together to remove the risk, all while wearing suitable personal protective equipment. In the evening we produced a mock contract that would be used in a tree removal operation and discussed it with the Senior Reserves Officer.


Thursday morning was spent preparing the equipment for a school visit of 60 Year 2 children to the farm. When the children arrived, we helped the staff with the activities which included things like pond dipping and bug hunting. We then helped the staff with the cleaning of clear up of the visit after the children had left. We ended the day by removing a hazardous branch located above the forest schools area.


On the final day at the Trust, we attended a staff meeting at The Knapp & Papermill Nature Reserve. This meeting showed us an understanding of the how Worcestershire Wildlife Trust organises it’s operations.

What have we gained?

During our time with the Trust we have learnt a lot of valuable and important skills such as teamworking and communication through activities like group volunteer tasks and social media work. We have learnt the importance of our local environment and how works are being done to try to maintain the wildlife and their habitats.

The whole experience has given us a great insight into what work in the conservation field is like and has helped to guide us into the right direction for university and further career paths.