Worcestershire Biological Records Centre

Measuring a veteran treeMeasuring a veteran tree

Habitat and species data collected within the county is stored and managed by Worcestershire Biological Records Centre (WBRC), based at Lower Smite Farm.

Worcestershire Biological Records Centre logoWBRC currently hold over one million species records, covering everything from the adder to the zebra spider. Habitat data includes land use databases such as the Worcestershire Habitat Inventory and digitised maps of county Nature Reserves and Local Wildlife Sites.

Data is collected and submitted to WBRC by a huge range of people, including professional conservation staff at Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, ecological consultancies, staff from organisations such as Natural England and Worcestershire County Council plus, of course, volunteer naturalists and members of the public.

The data held by WBRC is used to inform land management decision-making, advice given to landowners and decisions made by, for example, local authorities when they determine planning applications.

Members of the public can help the work of WBRC by sending in records of wildlife sightings, accompanied by evidence such as a photograph. All species records are important to us: even those you might not think are very interesting – such as the rabbit or the brown rat – are valuable. 

Recently we have developed an online species recording portal called RODIS to help make submitting your records to WBRC even easier! You can enter records for anywhere in Worcestershire, so if you are out on a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust Reserve or just in your back garden please do get involved and let us know what you see!

Head to our West Midlands LRC website and sign up for an account, there is a handy video tutorial too!

You can of course continue to send us your records via email (download a copy of our basic recording form) or on paper recording forms.

If you would like to improve your wildlife ID skills you might want to look at the wildlife discovery courses run by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

You can contact WBRC on 01905 759759 or records@wbrc.org.uk or visit our website for more information.