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Birdwatching (c) Debs Richardson BullBirdwatching (c) Debs Richardson Bull

Have fun, discover nature & achieve awards!

Wildlife Watch badger in camouflage outfitAre you looking for a new way to explore wildlife and have fun?  Then get started on our Wildlife Watch Awards and complete great activities and challenges!

You'l learn, create, think and do - and when you've done all of that you'll receive a certificate.

Once you've completed your first Hedgehog Award you can start the next or, if you join the Trust, you can have a go at the Kestrel Award, designed for the over-8s.

Hedgehog Award

Hedgehog Award logoWe've split the Hedgehog Award into 3 levels - Bronze, Silver & Gold. 

To get started you'll need a Hedgehog Card.  If you haven't already got one from one of our events, get in touch with Hannah and she'll send you one if you let her have your address.  Every time you do one of the challenges or come along to an event, you get a sticker - complete 8 challenges and fill your card with stickers to get a certificate!


You're staring out on a journey of natural discoveries! Have a go at some of these hedgehog challenges...

  • Make a picture of your favourite creaturecartoon bumblebee
  • Help with the recycling and save the planet
  • Take photos of some wildlife
  • Go for a walk in a wild place
  • Make a collage out of natural materials
  • Make a mini nature reserve in your garden
  • Meet a tree - take bark and leaf rubbingscartoon goldfinch
  • Grow your own food
  • Discover minibeasts in your garden
  • Explore plant smells with a smelly cocktail

Uncover more fascinating facts about wildlife…

  • Go moth watchingwellies silhouette
  • Visit a nature reserve and learn the countryside code
  • Make or put up a bird feeder and find out who eats what
  • Make a minibeasts home and see who comes to stay
  • Dip a pond and discover underwater life
  • Create your own spotter sheet for your favourite place
  • Discover tracks and signs in a natural place
  • Map the journey of a snail by marking and recapturing themcartoon grasshopper
  • Write a story about a wild creature’s adventures
  • Create a journey stick and use it to tell someone about your wild walk

Now you know lots about nature it’s time to take action for wildlife...

  • Grow flowers for birds and butterflies
  • Plant a treecartoon hare
  • Build a nest for a bumblebee
  • Discover animal homes and make a house for a mouse
  • Compost your kitchen waste and give back goodness to the soil
  • Write to your MP about the environment
  • Visit a bird hide and use binoculars to monitor wildlife
  • Build and put up a nesting box for a bird or a batcartoon butterfly
  • Head out after dark and find out about nocturnal nature
  • Write a poem about nature

Kestrel Award

Kestrel Award logoIf you're a member of Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and you are over the age of eight, you can take part in the Kestrel award.

This award has four wildlife challenges - Create it!, Do it!, Record it! and Shout about it! - and you'll need to complete them all. Once you've completed the challenges you'll recieve a certificate and badge.  And if you've got an online profile on the Wildlife Watch website, the Kestrel icon will be added to it.

Nature Rangers Award

Nature Rangers Award logoThis is the highest level Wildlife Watch award you can get - you'll need to have completed the Kestrel award.

To complete the Nature Ranger award you'll have to study a UK wildlife or conservation topic of your choice and produce a report for us to assess.

When completed you'll recieve a certificate signed by Chris Packham, a badge, an icon on your website profile, a mention in Wildlife Watch magazine and a special prize!

You will be sent information about how to take part in the Nature Ranger award when you complete the Kestrel award.

What are you waiting for...?

There's loads more ideas on the Wildlife Watch website - activity sheets to get you started, spotting sheets to create and download and much more.

If you need more information you can email Hannah or call her on 01905 754919 with any queries. 

Good luck!