Wildlife Courses Gallery

We run a series of wildlife courses each year for small numbers of participants to learn more about the fabulous world of Worcestershire's wildlife.

From flowers and trees to crickets and birds, book on one to discover more...

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  • Examining  grasshopper
  • People in the Avocet Hide
  • Group looking for dragonflies
  • Looking for flora
  • Identifying fungus
  • Hawk-moths on a hand
  • Looking for grasshoppers
  • Group of people walking through woodland
  • Identifying mosses
  • looking in reeds
  • Group identifying longhorn beetle
  • Looking through hand lenses
  • Looking through a telescope
  • Identifying a cricket
  • group of people listening to birdsong
  • Group looking
  • Identifying liverworts
  • Looking through binoculars
  • Looking at flowers
  • In the classroom
  • Identifying a cricket
  • Looking out of the hide
  • Looking at moth trap
  • Identifying trees
  • Looking at flowers
  • Looking for liverworts
  • Identifying a cricket
  • Group listening to birdsong