Wilder Future

Brown hare (c) David Tipling/2020VISIONBrown hare (c) David Tipling/2020VISION

Will you speak up for me?

I need your help

My home is under threat and there are fewer places to find food every day. I’m not alone: thousands of birds, insects and other animals across England are finding it harder and harder to survive. Plants and trees are under pressure too.

The Wildlife Trusts are part of the wider Greener UK movement and, together, we have convinced Westminster Government of the need for a new law – an Environment Act - to improve protection for our country’s wildlife. Not all politicians are convinced and to make sure the law not only protects wildlife like me but helps us to recover, we need everyone on board. MPs will be voting on this soon, so we need them to support a strong Environment Act because a country with more wildlife is better for me and better for you too!

I don't have an MP but you do.

Please arrange a meeting with them and help us talk to every MP.

The campaign for a wilder future starts here

Critically, we need the Environment Act to give us:

  • Nature Targets: legal targets for nature's recovery that politicians must ultimately achieve and regularly report on progress towards e.g. safer air to breathe in our cities
  • A Nature Recovery Network: a joined-up network of habitats that provide enough space for wildlife to recover and for people to thrive.
  • Nature Watchdog: an independent body to help people challenge bad decisions made by Government and councils, which have a negative impact on wildlife and our natural environment.

How would an Environment Act help wildlife in Worcestershire?

  1. Improve people’s access to nature, especially in towns and cities
  2. Create new wild areas and wildlife corridors across the county
  3. Keep Worcestershire's existing wildlife sites safe from harm
  4. Stop Worcestershire's soils washing away into rivers and the sea
  5. Improve air quality
  6. Stop poisoning Worcestershire's rivers and streams with chemicals
  7. Reduce emissions that are contributing to climate change
  8. Protect people’s rights to a healthy natural environment
  9. Avoid the loss of environmental protection laws after Brexit.


Wilder Worcestershire

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